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Our Values

ALTAN is an integral part of Altamar Capital Partners and shares the values that lead its activity.

Our clients come always first. Not only is the right thing to do, but we strongly believe that only by consistently adding value and thinking what is best for our clients we will earn their trust and succeed as a business in the long term.

To excel is the best way for us to earn our clients’ trust and it is also inherently gratifying. We always strive for excellence in the different investment alternatives that we select and in the service that we provide to our clients. Clients’ trust is generated as a result of their experience with us, not only by providing strong relative and absolute returns, but also by the way we communicate and conduct ourselves with our clients.

Partners and Management Team are strongly aligned with investors through significant investment in each of the vehicles managed.

Successful manager selection and client servicing not only require strong skills and knowledge but also deep and broad experience. We are proud to have both of them. Each of our partners have long, relevant and successful professional experiences.

Only by having long term client relationships we are able to deeply understand clients´ needs and provide the products and services they require. On the other hand, only by establishing long-term relationships with the managers we work with, we can understand their culture and strengths to better service long term client needs. And finally, only by providing development opportunities to our team and employees we can build the necessary stability that will allow us to succeed in the long-term.

All ALTAN and Altamar Capital Partners employees are group ambassadors and as a result must conduct accordingly, committing to the highest levels of ethical standards and best ESG practices. We act with integrity, honesty, dedication and excellence in the fulfillment of our responsibilities and consistently with our core values.